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Honeycutt is a name that metal building owners throughout Northeast Oklahoma have come to know and trust. Now the Honeycutt reputation is once again being applied to pre-engineered metal buildings systems fabricated by Honeycutt Manufacturing, a division of Honeycutt Construction, Inc. Headquartered in Pryor, Oklahoma. We are truly your one-stop metal building source from beginning to end, from concept design to the final piece of corner trim. That’s the Honeycutt Advantage!


Alvin Honeycutt, founder of Honeycutt Manufacturing and its’ parent company, Honeycutt Construction, began his career in the metal building industry in 1977. Joe Brewer, his mentor in the business, gave Alvin his first job working on an erection crew. It wasn’t long before Brewer recognized the young supervisor’s potential and entrusted him with his own work crew. After seven and a half years with Brewer, Honeycutt made a significant career choice to begin Honeycutt Construction. Starting meagerly in his own garage Honeycutt’s operation grew steadily. We are now housed on an eight acre complex on Oklahoma Hwy. 69A adjacent to the MidAmerica Industrial Park south of Pryor.

In 1994 Honeycutt began a metal building fabricating operation that he sold to a group of investors in 2003. When the contractual non-compete agreement ended in 2008 Alvin recognized that a need existed for a metal building manufacturer that specialized in a higher level of customer service. Our current manufacturing operations are directed toward filling that need.

For more than 30 years now Alvin Honeycutt has been involved in every phase of the metal building process.


Our core business philosophy is deeply rooted in customer service. We believe, and practice, The Golden Rule: treat your employees and your customers the way you want others to treat you. Customer satisfaction is a natural result of customer service done the right way. From the first rough sketch to the final detailed walk-through inspection our focus is entirely on your complete satisfaction with your new Honeycutt metal building.

There are no cookie-cutter buildings produced by Honeycutt Manufacturing. Each building is as unique and individual as its owner. From 10-ft wide to 250-ft wide, from schools, churches, garages, warehouses, retail or residential, no matter what the end use we have a building that is right for you!

When you purchase one of our buildings you get more than a metal building, you get a partner! We take your metal building space needs from concept, to engineering design, from minute fabrication details to timely delivery to your job site. Every building is painstakingly designed, fabricated and delivered to 100% of your satisfaction, “no ifs, ands or buts”! We manufacture every building that comes out of our shop as if it was ours, because, in the end, it is ours!


During 30 years of hands-on education with many different metal building systems we have learned what works and what doesn’t work. In our Honeycutt Manufacturing metal building system we have combined design features that ensure an “erector friendly” building. Those features are at the heart of the quality workmanship designed into every structure we design and build. The various components fit together precisely with no “field modification” required by the erector. Alvin knows from years and years of experience that field modifications by frustrated erectors usually result in reduced quality, wasted effort and costly over-time. Not with a Honeycutt Manufacturing building! Each piece of steel that is cut, each weld that is made is done to exacting standards that are monitored in great detail by Honeycutt’s expert fabricators and quality control supervisors.

We can design and build any building to one of 24 different building codes. Concerned about crane loads? Not a problem. Snow/ice loads? Not a problem. Seismic zones? Not a problem. You tell us what you need. It’s a done deal.


Construction costs are at or near record high levels. Steel prices are still up. Concrete prices are still up. That means that today, more than ever, you deserve to get the best possible value for your construction dollar. Honeycutt Manufacturing metal buildings deliver that value and more!

How does Honeycutt Manufacturing do it?

LOW OVERHEAD: Honeycutt Manufacturing maintains a low cost of operating overhead. We are not situated in a oversized, dead-weight facility that adds thousands of dollars to every building we produce. We are not located in a metropolitan area where production costs are grossly over-inflated. Our ship sails lean and we are able to pass those savings on to you, our customer.

INDUSTRY STANDARD COMPONENTS: Honeycutt Manufacturing utilizes industry standard wall and roof panels, roof purlins and sidewall girts wherever possible. We do not use a proprietary source panel or other system components which are more expensive. Those resulting cost savings are passed directly through to you.

LOWER SHIPPING COSTS: Honeycutt Manufacturing has targeted an area within a 75-mile radius of its plant as an optimum shipping zone. Lower cost of transportation mean a lower square foot price for the completed building. Is your building project a little further away from our plant? We scour every possible shipping source to get you the most cost effective building delivered directly to your construction site.

ENGINERING SERVICES: Honeycutt Manufacturing does not subsidize an expensive full-time engineering staff on its payroll. We select from a pool of highly qualified registered engineers for each building project, choosing an engineer that is best suited for the job. This process allows us to pay only for the services we need when we need those services keeping our projects costs down.

Every step we make on your behalf is directed toward adding bottom line value to the building not bottom line cost.


It really is very simple: experience, customer service, quality workmanship and total value! That’s Honeycutt Manufacturing. That’s The Honeycutt Advantage!

Are you tired of being taken advantage of by your current metal building supplier? If you answer is “yes!” you need The Honeycutt Advantage. Call or e-mail us today and allow us to share more detail on YOUR advantage of making the move to Honeycutt Manufacturing. We’d love to hear from you!

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